The Impact Hub is an open, free network for all creative and innovative minds in agriculture, so that their ideas can fall on fertile ground. We will organise think tank events for you in Austria and Spain, so that you have the opportunity to cooperate with other creative minds, develop ideas and become effective together.

Furthermore, we will organise digital impact hubs on our social media channels so that the circle of pioneers and thought leaders can continue to grow.

More information will follow soon…
Positive vibes welcome

Podcast series

To make sure that our heroes don’t get lost in the daily grind, but inspire you to do more, we will put together a podcast series for you to introduce our OFAFFU pioneers and their journey. In the spirit of – from practice for practice. You can listen to the episodes out in the field, indoors in the barn or simply in the comfort of your own home.

You want to be our hero, our heroine? Then get in touch with us!

Online meetings